Monday, October 12, 2009


The past week has been a whirlwind of activities at our house. Let's summarize, shall we?
- Our nanny, A, who told me just last week that all was well, up and quit - by email, with no reason nonetheless - after leaving our house on the 2nd. So, that left us in a bind of seeking a new nanny to come to our house on Fridays. Sigh. So I've been searching and searching for a new nanny. We have 3 potentials, that we have started interviewing. More on that later.
- My FIL got married this weekend, to a very wonderful woman. However, this left me doing something I haven't had to do in 3 years, buy a dress! The search was long and arduous. After 3 kids, I wanted to buy something that would wow my husband but cover my, um, unflattering baby carrying remants. Finally, Thursday, after shopping at lunch, I found one that he liked! The wedding was fantastic, the kids had an absolute blast, and it was really just a fantastic night. 

- The boys have been asking to get pumpkins for several weeks now. Our sitter has them at her house, and every day, Captain Chaos throws a fit when we leave because he wants to 'pet the pumpkins', which isn't slang for anything. He really likes to sit and pet the pumpkins. We decided we would go Saturday morning, since the wedding wasn't until 4:30. Well, ICE woke up at 7:15, which is never good; Captain Chaos woke up with a dirty diaper and terrible diaper rash, crabbier than all get out. Princess was awake from midnight - 1:30 a.m., and from 5 - 7 a.m., just talking to herself. Keep in mind she sleeps in our room and thus I was wide awake listening to her talk. And talk. And talk. She apparently had a lot to catch up on with herself. Thankfully, pumpkin picking went well despite that 45 degree windy morning with bad attitudes all around (DH included), but they had a great time and we came home with 3 pumpkins! Hooray!

- We're now interviewing our 3 nanny choices.  The first interview arrived and shared with us that the drive was longer than she thought and thus it wasn't a good fit. Excellent. The second interview, yesterday, was both good and bad. She wants to do a 'nanny share' with another family, so she will be coming to our house with another little girl, who is 3, and watch all 4 kids. She is a former day care teacher, so she plans lesson plans each week for the kids, teaches them letters / numbers / colors / shapes / reading; brings felt boards and does circle time and lots of other preschool stuff, which sounds great to me. She showed up in her very expensive car...with her lip ring, and told us about her professional dirt bike rider boyfriend who is in Belgium and will be living in China for the next 2 years. Excellent. I was impressed with the activities she does, her assertiveness, the fact that she washed her hands immediately when she walked in. I was not impressed with the lip ring, the boyfriend, the fact that she weighs 100 lbs, as she told us, and her assertiveness (not sure how I feel about it. I didn't know this would be such a hard process. We have one more interview to go, and I am hoping it goes well.
- I have loads of laundry that never seem to go away. Yesterday didn't help, either. My parents were in town from the wedding, and when they left, I showered and got ready for our impending visitors. Captain Chaos decided he wanted to shower too, and I proceeded to get shampoo directly in his eyes almost as soon as he came in the shower. My poor little guy. It truly was 'a one in a million shot, doc, one in a million shot'.  Our next visitors showed up as I was still cleaning him up. They stayed for several hours, and left around 3, at which point I started putting plastic on Princess's windows to try warm up her room from 64 degrees to at least 66. Nanny #2 arrived, and then left, we had dinner, baths, bed, and bedtime for me. So no work got done yesterday, which means even more needs to get done today.

Looking forward to a more relaxing week this week. No need to shop daily for a dress (so instead I shopped for the kiddos today!), no wedding this coming weekend, and no chaos least until next week!

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