Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just wondering...Wednesday

Just wondering…Wednesday

This week my head has been filled with so many ‘to do’ list items, there’s not much I’ve been wondering about. But there are a few things, such as…

- Do all 3 year olds suddenly turn on the attitude and the sassy mouth, telling their parents to “do it, now”, etc?

- Why has my 2 year old suddenly become the big bully when other kids are over?

- How many more days can I hold my tongue with the preschool director?

- Does anyone really care if my house isn’t spotless when they come over?

- Does anyone need a size 18 month boys Children’s Place winter coat, hat and mittens?

- Or a Fireplace Hearth protector?

- Or some swaddling blankets from Kiddopotomus?

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