Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday

This is how we spent Thanksgiving...with my little Jakey, in the hospital.  He had bacterial pneumonia, and was there for 2 days.  My poor little guy. His daddy stayed with him the full 2 days, and I am so grateful for him doing so.  But my baby Jake, as we've always called him, missed his Momma so much, that when I would call for an update, while at home with our other two sick munchkins, Jakey would start crying, w hich in turn set me into tears. Now that he is home, if I am leaving the house without him, he starts crying...Don't leave me Momma. and to top it off, his voice is very raspy still, kind of high-pitched, and adorable, to the point where I want to scoop him up and just hug and snuggle him. Instead, as he continues to feel better, his level of naughtiness increases (he has a lot of lost time to make up for, since he was so sick for over week with a high fever and the nasty cough).  At least he hasn't forgotten how to put himself in a timeout.