Friday, October 30, 2009

Anticipating Halloween

With Halloween tomorrow, the countdown has begun at my house, for both my kids and myself.  I am so excited to dress them all up in their little costumes, and take them out trick or treating.  The boys are going to be Thomas and Percy, and Mia is going to be a ladybug.  Joey is SO excited about Halloween this year - he asks me no less than 3 times per day, every day, if today he can go trick-or-treating.  I'm not sure what brought on this wave of excitement from him, though I do anticipate that once tomorrow comes, and he sees the bigger kids in their 'scary' costumes, well, he won't be nearly as excited as he is right now.  But his wave of excitement has given me a whole new perspective on the day, and has even made me more excited.  You see, normally I don't like Halloween. I don't like to dress up in a costume, never have, don't care for trick or treating, and just don't really care about Halloween. I just see it as a stepping stone to my very favorite holiday, Christmas! And then my next very favorite, my birthday! (It's on Groundhogs Day, which technically is on the calendar and in my book that makes it a holiday. It's my birthday, I can make the rules if I want to).  But having kids who are getting older every day, whether I like it or not, I have a newfound respect and excitement for all things holiday, regardless of the holiday.  And for that, I am thankful this Friday morning.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursday #7

I love hearing the things that come out of my kids' be that young, sweet, and innocent...or young, deviant, and mouthy...
Joey: Let's play circus. You sit there, and Mia, you sit there (Mia can't sit yet, so really, she sits where I put her).  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Math Circus (we've been watching this a lot lately). Today, we're going to learn about quidgets. (pulls out cars). I'm going to throw my quidgets in the air, and you can count them!
Joey: Mommy, what is Mia going to be for Halloween?
Me: A ladybug. Why do you ask?
Joey: Oh. I thought maybe she wanted to be a train this year.
Joey: (During his halloween party yesterday, singing a song about sticky bubblegum) Mommy, this is the part where I can't talk!

Jake, who is just 2 and becoming more vocal:
Me: Jake, eat your beans.
Jake: Momma, I hear monsters. No monsters, don't eat my beans! Momma, monsters eat my beans.
Me: Nice try. There are no monsters, eat your beans.
Jake: Momma, I hear coyote. He want to eat my toes.
Me: The coyotes won't eat your toes.
Jake: Otay. Coyotes eat your toes?
Jake, every single time we have to stop at a stoplight or stopsign: Doe (go) Momma, no stop. Hurry up!
Jake, having a tantrum over something or other, sees the baby, Mia, who is smiling at him: NO MIA, NO LAUGHING!, which, of course, just sets my husband and I off and we are cracking up that he is so upset that she is 'laughing' at him, given that she's 4 months old.
Jake hates it when anyone in the family sings. I love to sing silly songs to the kids, and this has caused a love of singing in Joe. Every time I sing, Jake says No singing Momma. Last night in the car, Joey was singing along with the Math Circus video. Jake started saying No Joe, stop that. Stop singing Joe! No more singing Joe! Of course, Jake is 'allowed' to sing whatever he wants, just not the rest of us.
Oh how I love my kiddos!

Thousand Word Thursday

We moved to our subdivision 3 years ago next week.  We purchased our lot on my due date, on a whim, not planning to buy a house. However, the location was ideal (park in the front AND back yard!) and after showing up unexpectedly on the next door neighbor's porch to ask them their thoughts of the neighborhood, we were sold. In hindsight, we should have done more research, especially since the builder bunked up our basement causing it to have a huge crack in the wall, and the builder then went bankrupt 3 days before our 1 year anniversary. I digress. This purchase was both the best and worst decision we ever made. You see, in moving to the house we moved to, we made some of the best friends we have ever had.  Our next door neighbors, the ones where we showed up on the front porch to ask what they thought, have become both my husband and my, as well as our children's, best friends.  We talk to them daily. Our boys are best buds, and even when they see each other 3 or 4 times a week, still act as though they haven't seen each other in weeks. These 3 boys (well, mostly the older 2, but the younger one tags along) can play together for hours and you don't hear a single bit of fighting, yelling, screaming, etc. They have so much fun, and are so silly. They have a standing play date each Friday afternoon.  They go to the same preschool.  My middle guy, Jakey, adores their oldest girl, Em. He has a huge crush on her, and just adores her. The mom, one of my best friends, is one of Jakey's favorites, and he calls her "My M-".  He, we, truly adore them, and are so thankful that they are our next door neighbors!

Time Out for Mom THETA Thursday

So what did I do with my 1 hour to myself this week? Hmmm, I'm trying to remember if I even GOT an hour to myself this week, with 3 sick kids and a sick husband, halloween preparations, and sheer exhaustion.  Oh wait, I do recall a few minutes to myself. It wasn't an hour, but it was time to myself nonetheless.  I took a shower (gasp) and was able to go to the grocery store, where I strolled slowly around the aisles, and soaked up the silence. Ah, I do so love a trip to the grocery store, sans children! However, I have big plans for my time to myself this week - I'm going to the Packer game (hopefully!) on Sunday! I will thoroughly enjoy my time with my hubby, bro, SIL, and 50,000 other people as we watch the Pack take down their former leader!  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - ER fun

Yes, this is my son - Jacob was in the ER for the 2nd time on Monday night. and what the heck do you do with a 2 year old in the ER for 2 hours? Well, if there is a puke bucket available, make it a drum! Or a hat!

Just wondering...Wednesday

I am also wondering if anyone has any tips on discipline / behavior control for 2 year olds...mine has the same rules as my 3 year old, who is relatively obedient, but my 2 year old is becoming unruly, and honestly, I don't really want to end up on Supernanny...

This cold, damp, rainy Wednesday, there are a lot of things on my mind. My family has all been sick for the past week or more, and it's really become frustrating, as it seems we are in a never-ending cycle of sickness.  To top it off, we are anticipating some news on the health front for a family member that could be really, really not good, and I am anxiously awaiting that information. The wondering what the results will be has clouded much of every day, despite my best efforts to avoid those thoughts.

However, there are other things going on. For example, where in the heck did my 3 year old learn the word 'pick axe'? Last night he told me that he was using something as his pick axe, and I nearly fell over. We don't talk like that, we don't OWN a pick axe, heck, I don't even know where to BUY a pick axe!

With everyone being so sick, I'm also trying to figure out if my 4 month old is just dramatic with an attitude, or if there is really something going on with her. She's not been eating well at home, has been a bear to put down for a nap, yet is supposedly the exact opposite at day care. Does she not like us? That surely can't be it; I mean, her closet is filled with cute clothes, and of course we know that money buys love, right? JUST KIDDING!  I'm just not sure what the heck is going on there.

I'm also wondering if I should push my pediatrician to 'untie' her tongue. I know this can cause speech issues, and it seems as though she's having problems eating solids due to being tongue tied. So the question is, now, or later?

But mostly, I'm just wondering, does anyone want to buy a Longaberger basket? :) Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It’s Not Me! Monday again, the blog carnival created by MckMama. Given the events of this past week, there are a lot of things that I surely did not do.

For example, I did not miss last week’s Not Me! Monday because I was tunneling through cleaning out Mia’s closet so she has somewhere to sleep this winter. Nope, I would never have that much crap in a closet, nor would I let my child sleep in a closet because her room is in the 50’s in the winter. We have such a fabulously crafted home that it would be nice and comfy cozy all year round. (Excuse me while I fall off my chair laughing). I also did not end up at the doctor’s office / acute care center with every single one of my kids this weekend, only to find out we are the lucky recipients of: Ear infections, croup, and roseola. My children are the PICTURE of health, and we would never be infected with that many ailments. I also did not bid on not one, not 3, but 7 Longaberger basket iron racks in the hopes of winning 1 to put in my kitchen, and end up with 2. Woops. I’d never be that irresponsible. I did not end up sobbing at the table last night because I was so frustrated with my baby for not sleeping and just crying instead. I’m a level-headed mommy who, despite feeling rotten, is always loving and nurturing. And I absolutely did NOT feed my kids muffins for breakfast and eggs for lunch because I feel like complete crap and don’t want to cook anything at all. Even though I’m sick, I’m a mommy, so of course I’d never skimp on meals for my kids because I’m sick.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursday

I love that kids have no filter, and they say the cutest things.  My kids, of course, are no exception :) Of course, I'm probably biased. Below are some of the cute things they've said to me this week...
Joey ( my 3 year old): I love my baby sister. Mommy, when the next baby is in your tummy, I want it to be a girl.
Me: there won't be any more babies in Mommy's tummy.
Joey: Ok, when the next baby is in Daddy's tummy, I want it to be a girl.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Jake: I snuggle with you Momma
me: Ok. Are you ready to go in your crib?
Jake: No, not yet.
(Jake yawns, pulls out his nuk)
Jake: I tired. I half doe to bed.
(puts nuk back in)
Me: Are you ready to go in your crib now?
Jake: Yes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Jake, jumping out of a box: Jake in the box!

What about you, what are your kids saying that just cracks you up?

Thousand word Thursday

How much more amazing does life get than when your newborn baby is (finally) snuggled in your arms, sleeping peacefully, and is gorgeous and the new love of your life?

Theta Mom Thursday

It's Thursday again (hooray! Thursday, I have missed you so!), and it's time for my time out! What did I do with my time out this week? Well, last week on Friday I went to a CAbi party (some sort of clothing trunk show, but I don't know more than that - details coming). I, of course, had the baby with me, since she's basically attached to my hip. But there were others there to entertain her. We went to the party, which never happened. You see, the demonstrator never showed up, but the mommies had lots of fun chatting!

I got another time out alone on Saturday morning...I got 2 whole hours to myself to - brace yourself, this is big - get my oil changed. Exciting stuff, huh? This oil change was followed by a trip to get a flu shot, and really, how much more exciting can a day get than that? But you know what, I don't care - it was me time, by myself, and I got to play with my iPhone by myself, no little hands trying to steal it away to play games!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Just wondering...Wednesday

Just wondering…Wednesday

This week my head has been filled with so many ‘to do’ list items, there’s not much I’ve been wondering about. But there are a few things, such as…

- Do all 3 year olds suddenly turn on the attitude and the sassy mouth, telling their parents to “do it, now”, etc?

- Why has my 2 year old suddenly become the big bully when other kids are over?

- How many more days can I hold my tongue with the preschool director?

- Does anyone really care if my house isn’t spotless when they come over?

- Does anyone need a size 18 month boys Children’s Place winter coat, hat and mittens?

- Or a Fireplace Hearth protector?

- Or some swaddling blankets from Kiddopotomus?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doing it the best way I know how

I read this fantastic post this morning over at Buried with Children, about doing the best we can as moms, the best way we know how. I tell my husband, and my children, many times during the week that I'm doing the best I can, and that needs to be enough.  Yesterday, as Princess cried for 30 minutes and I had no idea why, I did the best I could. When Captain Chaos was throwing apples across the table because he was tired and ready to go take a nap, I did the best I could to stop the behavior. When ICE was having his 3rd meltdown for the day, I did the best I could to make it stop without screaming at the top of my lungs for everyone to just quiet down for 15 minutes. 

You see, as a working mom, I'm gone Monday through Thursday from 6:30 a.m. until 5:15 p.m.  When I get home (and I  know I'm just preaching to the choir here), I have to get dinner ready, feed the baby (who always wants to eat immediately when the boys are hungry), and feed my husband and myself. The dog wants to go outside. Baths are in need, as Captian Chaos can't eat a meal without putting some of it in his hair / on his head / in his ears, and Princess is a pro at spitting up in that crack in her neck, which just grosses me out. Bottles need to be made, and the kitchen cleaned up. And me, I just want to sit at the table, read the mail and perhaps play one (or 10) levels on my really fun Iphone bubble pop game. Is that too much to ask?

I love my family, with everything inside of me, but some days, I just want to scream to the world, I'm not perfect, I do the best I can every single day with what I have, and some days, I just don't care. So there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Uppercase Living photos for you

For those new to Uppercase Living, here are a few things we've done at our house or others have done. Enjoy!

Thousand Word Thursdays

Time out for Theta Mom Thursday

Every mom needs time to herself...and Theta mom said I should spend an hour on myself, so I did! (I love having someone else to 'blame').  How did I spend my hour? Playing with all my new Uppercase Living stuff, of course! I recently got my Photo prints, and some new vehicles for Captain Chaos' room, so I put them up, and they look darn cute if I do say so myself! I also made some really cute coasters for my boss, and the hands board for Captain Chaos to put his cute little handprints on.  Oh how I love making new UL things! If you're curious, would like more info, or want to get your own UL products, visit my website -  It's such a great stress reliever, and an even better way to decorate your home!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just wondering...Wednesday

Just Wondering…Wednesday

I have to start off by saying I’m in a bad mood. It all centers around my son’s preschool. For the past 2 days, when I’ve dropped him off at school, the school director has been the teacher who is taking kids out of cars, and opening the door, which isn’t unusual for her. However, both days she was so friendly and smiley to the mom / dad / child in front of us, and then so rude and impolite to my son and I, I want to scream! Both days, she looked me straight in the eye, no words were spoken by her, no smile, nothing. I was friendly, smiled at her, but was, and am, seething inside. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what would cause her to be so rude to myself and my son. I’ve paid my full tuition for the whole year, early. We drop him off on time, and pick him up on time. He comes prepared each day. He’s a polite, nice, well-behaved kid, shy even. So what the he** is her problem? I have a suspicion as to what it could possibly be, which is something so stupid and irritating that I just don’t even know what to do.

We had ICE evaluated at 2.5 years old through our school district, because he was hypersensitive to noises. They do free evaluations for all children in the district ages birth through 3, no referral required. My husband and I have always thought he was advanced for his age, what parent doesn’t, but mid-way through the evaluation the teachers told us that he is gifted and referred us to the gifted coordinator for the district. We’ve been working with her ever since, trying to figure out what we should do for him with regards to schooling to offer him the best opportunities possible. Prior to enrolling him in any preschool, I called several places, including his current school. I explained the situation politely, without bragging or saying much more than he’d been identified by our district, and they are working with him and us, and asking what they would do for him at the school if he is ahead of his peers. In conversation with a good friend this morning who has taken her children there for several years, she and I agreed that we think this may be it.

So now what do I do? I’m going to kill her with kindness, every day. But do I confront her as to why she is rude? If I do, I think she’ll be even worse. Honestly, at this point, even though we’ve paid for the full year, I want to pull my son out and put him somewhere else, where the director is kinder. But I won’t do that. Too hard on him, for one. We are debating the decision of early kindergarten versus a 5-day program they have at the preschool that is supposed to be fantastic, to the point that the kids in that program learned more last year than the kindergarteners in our district did. But honestly, right now, I just want to say heck no, we’ll go somewhere else. I’m so torn. So today, I’m just wondering…what the heck did I do to this woman, why she’s being so rude, and what to do from here. Sigh. Happy Wednesday.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again...time to admit, or not admit, all of the things I didn't do last week, which would be super embarrassing if I DID admit to them.

For example, I most certainly did NOT find Captain Chaos playing on top of the stove as I was helping ICE in the bathroom. I am far too responsible to let my 2 year old play unsupervised (NOTE: the stove hasn't been used in weeks, so it wasn't hot, not even close). 

I also did not buy 5 different dresses for my father in law's wedding, in the hopes that one would WOW my husband.  I'm very frugal, you know, and don't care what others think. Nor do I now need to return 4 of said dresses. That would simply be a waste of my shopping - I mean, lunch - time.

I did not wear high heels last week for the first time in at least 8 years, in preparation for the wedding, and curse every single step I took.  I am a very elegant woman who likes to dress up and wear nice things, and heels are just part of my daily routine having 3 children under 3.

I did not accidentally drop Captain chaos on the floor while dancing with him at the wedding. I'm a very careful mother, and I never would do anything silly like that.

And worst of all, I did not get shampoo directly into Captain Chaos' eyes yesterday when he wanted to take a shower while I was. He got in, I started shampooing my hair, and he looked up at the exact wrong moment, only to get it directly in his eyes. And I did not cry with him, feeling so terrible for the poor little guy. 

Phew, I feel much better getting all of those things that I did not do, off of my chest.


The past week has been a whirlwind of activities at our house. Let's summarize, shall we?
- Our nanny, A, who told me just last week that all was well, up and quit - by email, with no reason nonetheless - after leaving our house on the 2nd. So, that left us in a bind of seeking a new nanny to come to our house on Fridays. Sigh. So I've been searching and searching for a new nanny. We have 3 potentials, that we have started interviewing. More on that later.
- My FIL got married this weekend, to a very wonderful woman. However, this left me doing something I haven't had to do in 3 years, buy a dress! The search was long and arduous. After 3 kids, I wanted to buy something that would wow my husband but cover my, um, unflattering baby carrying remants. Finally, Thursday, after shopping at lunch, I found one that he liked! The wedding was fantastic, the kids had an absolute blast, and it was really just a fantastic night. 

- The boys have been asking to get pumpkins for several weeks now. Our sitter has them at her house, and every day, Captain Chaos throws a fit when we leave because he wants to 'pet the pumpkins', which isn't slang for anything. He really likes to sit and pet the pumpkins. We decided we would go Saturday morning, since the wedding wasn't until 4:30. Well, ICE woke up at 7:15, which is never good; Captain Chaos woke up with a dirty diaper and terrible diaper rash, crabbier than all get out. Princess was awake from midnight - 1:30 a.m., and from 5 - 7 a.m., just talking to herself. Keep in mind she sleeps in our room and thus I was wide awake listening to her talk. And talk. And talk. She apparently had a lot to catch up on with herself. Thankfully, pumpkin picking went well despite that 45 degree windy morning with bad attitudes all around (DH included), but they had a great time and we came home with 3 pumpkins! Hooray!

- We're now interviewing our 3 nanny choices.  The first interview arrived and shared with us that the drive was longer than she thought and thus it wasn't a good fit. Excellent. The second interview, yesterday, was both good and bad. She wants to do a 'nanny share' with another family, so she will be coming to our house with another little girl, who is 3, and watch all 4 kids. She is a former day care teacher, so she plans lesson plans each week for the kids, teaches them letters / numbers / colors / shapes / reading; brings felt boards and does circle time and lots of other preschool stuff, which sounds great to me. She showed up in her very expensive car...with her lip ring, and told us about her professional dirt bike rider boyfriend who is in Belgium and will be living in China for the next 2 years. Excellent. I was impressed with the activities she does, her assertiveness, the fact that she washed her hands immediately when she walked in. I was not impressed with the lip ring, the boyfriend, the fact that she weighs 100 lbs, as she told us, and her assertiveness (not sure how I feel about it. I didn't know this would be such a hard process. We have one more interview to go, and I am hoping it goes well.
- I have loads of laundry that never seem to go away. Yesterday didn't help, either. My parents were in town from the wedding, and when they left, I showered and got ready for our impending visitors. Captain Chaos decided he wanted to shower too, and I proceeded to get shampoo directly in his eyes almost as soon as he came in the shower. My poor little guy. It truly was 'a one in a million shot, doc, one in a million shot'.  Our next visitors showed up as I was still cleaning him up. They stayed for several hours, and left around 3, at which point I started putting plastic on Princess's windows to try warm up her room from 64 degrees to at least 66. Nanny #2 arrived, and then left, we had dinner, baths, bed, and bedtime for me. So no work got done yesterday, which means even more needs to get done today.

Looking forward to a more relaxing week this week. No need to shop daily for a dress (so instead I shopped for the kiddos today!), no wedding this coming weekend, and no chaos least until next week!