Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just wondering...Wednesday

Just Wondering…Wednesday

I have to start off by saying I’m in a bad mood. It all centers around my son’s preschool. For the past 2 days, when I’ve dropped him off at school, the school director has been the teacher who is taking kids out of cars, and opening the door, which isn’t unusual for her. However, both days she was so friendly and smiley to the mom / dad / child in front of us, and then so rude and impolite to my son and I, I want to scream! Both days, she looked me straight in the eye, no words were spoken by her, no smile, nothing. I was friendly, smiled at her, but was, and am, seething inside. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what would cause her to be so rude to myself and my son. I’ve paid my full tuition for the whole year, early. We drop him off on time, and pick him up on time. He comes prepared each day. He’s a polite, nice, well-behaved kid, shy even. So what the he** is her problem? I have a suspicion as to what it could possibly be, which is something so stupid and irritating that I just don’t even know what to do.

We had ICE evaluated at 2.5 years old through our school district, because he was hypersensitive to noises. They do free evaluations for all children in the district ages birth through 3, no referral required. My husband and I have always thought he was advanced for his age, what parent doesn’t, but mid-way through the evaluation the teachers told us that he is gifted and referred us to the gifted coordinator for the district. We’ve been working with her ever since, trying to figure out what we should do for him with regards to schooling to offer him the best opportunities possible. Prior to enrolling him in any preschool, I called several places, including his current school. I explained the situation politely, without bragging or saying much more than he’d been identified by our district, and they are working with him and us, and asking what they would do for him at the school if he is ahead of his peers. In conversation with a good friend this morning who has taken her children there for several years, she and I agreed that we think this may be it.

So now what do I do? I’m going to kill her with kindness, every day. But do I confront her as to why she is rude? If I do, I think she’ll be even worse. Honestly, at this point, even though we’ve paid for the full year, I want to pull my son out and put him somewhere else, where the director is kinder. But I won’t do that. Too hard on him, for one. We are debating the decision of early kindergarten versus a 5-day program they have at the preschool that is supposed to be fantastic, to the point that the kids in that program learned more last year than the kindergarteners in our district did. But honestly, right now, I just want to say heck no, we’ll go somewhere else. I’m so torn. So today, I’m just wondering…what the heck did I do to this woman, why she’s being so rude, and what to do from here. Sigh. Happy Wednesday.

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