Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It’s Not Me! Monday again, the blog carnival created by MckMama. Given the events of this past week, there are a lot of things that I surely did not do.

For example, I did not miss last week’s Not Me! Monday because I was tunneling through cleaning out Mia’s closet so she has somewhere to sleep this winter. Nope, I would never have that much crap in a closet, nor would I let my child sleep in a closet because her room is in the 50’s in the winter. We have such a fabulously crafted home that it would be nice and comfy cozy all year round. (Excuse me while I fall off my chair laughing). I also did not end up at the doctor’s office / acute care center with every single one of my kids this weekend, only to find out we are the lucky recipients of: Ear infections, croup, and roseola. My children are the PICTURE of health, and we would never be infected with that many ailments. I also did not bid on not one, not 3, but 7 Longaberger basket iron racks in the hopes of winning 1 to put in my kitchen, and end up with 2. Woops. I’d never be that irresponsible. I did not end up sobbing at the table last night because I was so frustrated with my baby for not sleeping and just crying instead. I’m a level-headed mommy who, despite feeling rotten, is always loving and nurturing. And I absolutely did NOT feed my kids muffins for breakfast and eggs for lunch because I feel like complete crap and don’t want to cook anything at all. Even though I’m sick, I’m a mommy, so of course I’d never skimp on meals for my kids because I’m sick.

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  1. Eggs & Muffins ARE healthy!

    I love longaberger baskets. My nana used to sell them. The price was enough to make me faint though!