Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again...time to admit, or not admit, all of the things I didn't do last week, which would be super embarrassing if I DID admit to them.

For example, I most certainly did NOT find Captain Chaos playing on top of the stove as I was helping ICE in the bathroom. I am far too responsible to let my 2 year old play unsupervised (NOTE: the stove hasn't been used in weeks, so it wasn't hot, not even close). 

I also did not buy 5 different dresses for my father in law's wedding, in the hopes that one would WOW my husband.  I'm very frugal, you know, and don't care what others think. Nor do I now need to return 4 of said dresses. That would simply be a waste of my shopping - I mean, lunch - time.

I did not wear high heels last week for the first time in at least 8 years, in preparation for the wedding, and curse every single step I took.  I am a very elegant woman who likes to dress up and wear nice things, and heels are just part of my daily routine having 3 children under 3.

I did not accidentally drop Captain chaos on the floor while dancing with him at the wedding. I'm a very careful mother, and I never would do anything silly like that.

And worst of all, I did not get shampoo directly into Captain Chaos' eyes yesterday when he wanted to take a shower while I was. He got in, I started shampooing my hair, and he looked up at the exact wrong moment, only to get it directly in his eyes. And I did not cry with him, feeling so terrible for the poor little guy. 

Phew, I feel much better getting all of those things that I did not do, off of my chest.


  1. I know what you mean about the high heels. The only time I'd worn them in my life was at high school dances. And now I can't even walk properly in them.

    I feel for you about the shampoo in your child's eyes. I haven't also done that and cried with my daughter too as I tried to get it out.

    visiting from NMM on MCKmama

  2. Gees, with small children I'm not sure why you wouldn't be wearing heels everyday, and certainly couldn't understand why you would be cursing.

    The last time I wore heels would not have been for my brother's wedding 6 yrs ago. After dragging them out of storage this summer, to see if they would go with the dress I was wearing to a college reunion, my step daughter did not kindly inform me they were "a little outdated." Um, yeah.