Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursday #7

I love hearing the things that come out of my kids' be that young, sweet, and innocent...or young, deviant, and mouthy...
Joey: Let's play circus. You sit there, and Mia, you sit there (Mia can't sit yet, so really, she sits where I put her).  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Math Circus (we've been watching this a lot lately). Today, we're going to learn about quidgets. (pulls out cars). I'm going to throw my quidgets in the air, and you can count them!
Joey: Mommy, what is Mia going to be for Halloween?
Me: A ladybug. Why do you ask?
Joey: Oh. I thought maybe she wanted to be a train this year.
Joey: (During his halloween party yesterday, singing a song about sticky bubblegum) Mommy, this is the part where I can't talk!

Jake, who is just 2 and becoming more vocal:
Me: Jake, eat your beans.
Jake: Momma, I hear monsters. No monsters, don't eat my beans! Momma, monsters eat my beans.
Me: Nice try. There are no monsters, eat your beans.
Jake: Momma, I hear coyote. He want to eat my toes.
Me: The coyotes won't eat your toes.
Jake: Otay. Coyotes eat your toes?
Jake, every single time we have to stop at a stoplight or stopsign: Doe (go) Momma, no stop. Hurry up!
Jake, having a tantrum over something or other, sees the baby, Mia, who is smiling at him: NO MIA, NO LAUGHING!, which, of course, just sets my husband and I off and we are cracking up that he is so upset that she is 'laughing' at him, given that she's 4 months old.
Jake hates it when anyone in the family sings. I love to sing silly songs to the kids, and this has caused a love of singing in Joe. Every time I sing, Jake says No singing Momma. Last night in the car, Joey was singing along with the Math Circus video. Jake started saying No Joe, stop that. Stop singing Joe! No more singing Joe! Of course, Jake is 'allowed' to sing whatever he wants, just not the rest of us.
Oh how I love my kiddos!


  1. My kids are like that about singing too. The other day they were singing one of the VeggieTales songs really really loudly. The easiest way to shut them up was to join right in and then it's No Mom! Stop singing! HaHa!

  2. I love it. Thanks for linking up. The one about the circus is so funny. My boys put on shows for us all the time.

    I cannot wait to read next weeks!