Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just wondering Wednesday

As always, (if always constitutes the last 2 weeks), there are a lot of things I'm wondering about this sunny, chilly Wednesday, and I thought I'd share them, like....
- why would an elevator company put the telephone button to call the police low enough and uncovered for a child, perhaps a 2 year old, to push before his mom could grab his hands? (this may have been my son)
- if it's really a bad thing to eat half an apple pie over the course of 3 days? I mean, there is a lot of fruit in there, that must count for SOMETHING
- why my dog crapped on the carpet in the middle of the night
- when my motivation to do actual work will return
- how this afternoon's doctor appointments will go
- why no one has started a cupcake drive through service, where you could get cupcakes and other yummy frosted pastries on your lunch hour
- if people that get au pairs regret it, or are thankful they did it
- if my 3 year old really plays with other kids during preschool, or if he plays alone
- why my 2 year old feels that the top of the stove is the best place to play (thankfully I never cook, so it's never hot)

Just wondering these things...and wondering what my readers (are there any?) are wondering.

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