Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday

One of the blogs I read frequently (ok, daily), My Charming Kids, hosts a really fun blog each Monday called Not Me! Monday. Since every week is a chaotic mess of crazy events, I thought I'd share my own Not me! Monday.

Last week after my husband called me to tell me he was taking Captain Chaos to the ER after he fell and hit his head square on some brick steps, I most certainly did not stop to pay for my Gap purchases, rather than put them back and run out the door to meet my husband and child. Nope, that would be very selfish and inconsiderate. The very next day, I didn't find Captain Chaos, fresh from the ER with a nice big bandaid on his head, standing on a chair playing on my stove (In all honesty the stove was NOT on, nor was it hot, or even been used in the past, oh, 4 days). Nope, not me - I am a far more responsible parent than that.

I didn't use my t-shirt to wipe spit-up off of Princess's face. That would be just plain gross, not to mention the fact that we have close to 5 dozen burp rags around the house, any one of which I could have used. Nor did I tell ICE to use his shirt to wipe his nose when I was trying to feed the other 2 kids and couldn't find a kleenex, napkin, or even baby wipe to use. Nope, not me, that is also just disgusting, and we have far better manners than that.

What about you? What did YOU not do last week?

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  1. Don't feel bad about not running right out of the store to meet your husband and isn't like they were going to get to the ER and be treated before you got there anyway.