Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Wondering...Wednesday

I find that there are a lot of things I'm 'just wondering' I thought I'd share them.
Today I'm just wondering...
- why my 2 year old, Captian Chaos, wakes up at 7 a.m. but is still so tired - perhaps he should learn to sleep in?
- why my 3 year old, ICE (In Charge of Everything), has an incredibly long attention span but can't seem to watch TV and eat breakfast at the same time?
- when my 4 month old, Princess M, will learn to sleep through the night.
- why Captian Chaos feels the need to scare Princess M when she is sleeping, thus waking her up and causing her to cry the entire ride home from Day care
- what ICE really learns at preschool, since his daily answer to the question What did you do today is "I don't know" or "Nothing".
- why Captian Chaos seems to be even more devious when he is sick or just getting better - case in point: yesterday we got home from day care, and while I was helping ICE in the bathroom, I heard a clanking noise. I ran out to find CC standing on their toy chair next to the stove (which was not on, or even hot or anything, thankfully) playing with his Cars. Of course he got reprimanded and a time out, but seriously, where did this come from?
- if I'll find something to wear to my FIL's wedding in 2 weeks.
- if anyone will end up reading this blog anyway

And you, what are YOU wondering?

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  1. Very funny! Your house sounds like ours. I look forward to following the fun!