Monday, November 2, 2009

Not me! Monday

It's that time again, time to get off of your chest all the things you didn't do last week, because you are a responsible grown up who would never handle yourself in that manner! Just as...
I most certainly did NOT forget my baby in the car at Walmart on Saturday night, long enough to walk into the store and get a cart and head towards the food. I then most certianly did not run as fast as I could, faster than I have in my whole likfe, to get her, and feel like the world's most rotten mother, person, and human being.  And I have not lamented over it for the past 3 days. 

My husband most certainly did not ask me on Saturday while trick or treating if this is how dark my hair really is.  I mean, why would I dye my monotonously dark hair with some fabulous highlights? I'm most certainly not that vain.  And I absolutely did not crash my work computer on Friday reading blogs...only to require 3 hours of IT repair on Friday and another 3 hours today. Nope, not me. I spend all of my working time WORKING, not reading blogs.

I also did not run straight into Joey's bed last night with the laundry basket on my hip, only to take a huge gouge out of it and win myself a humongous bruise. I'm so much more coordinated than that! And right now, at this exact moment, I"m definitely not watching Kate: Her story on TLC and secretly wishing for a reconciliation, for the family and the kids. Nope, not me, for sure!

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