Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mom of the Year

This week's reason why I will not win Mom of the Year...on Saturday, my own mom was down visiting, and was going to take the boys out for dinner.  She was getting shoes on them, and they both have the same pair of adorable Adidas shoes, but obviously in different sizes. Let me precede this by saying that earlier in the week, my husband and I had a conversation about their shoes, and how we thought maybe it was time to get bigger ones, so on Thursday night I had measured their feet and referred to the Stride Rite website and noted that Joey should be wearing a 9, and Jake a 7. I thought, oh good, Joey is currently in an 8, so we need a size bigger, and jake is already in a 7, so we're all set.  So on Saturday, I told my mom that Joey wears the 8's, and Jake wears the 7's. She puts the 7's on Jake, and then tells me that the other shoes are smaller, a 6. I'm confused, partly at the shoes and partly just a natural phenomenon these days. I search the house high and low, and then come to the conclusion. Joey has been wearing 7's, and Jake has been wearing 6's. And it's hard to get nominated as Mom of the Year when your kid is wearing shoes 2 sizes too small and you don't even know it. Duh. I have a masters degree and yet I can't figure out his shoes are too small?

So on Sunday, I loaded up the kids to brave shoe shopping alone with 3 children. We went to the SR outlet, and with help from the kind measuring lady, my oblivion for the obvious was confirmed. I let each boy pick out their own shoes, and Jake picked out some shoes with a firetruck that light up. And today, I'm thankful he did. You see, the boy is so excited about those darn lights. He played with his shoes for about an hour on Sunday afternoon,  just watching them light up. Yesterday, as we waited 2.5 hours at the doctor's office for his newly obtained pink eye diagnosis, he turned the lights off and would stomp his feet and watch the lights. He would put himself inside the cabinet under the exam table, and watch the lights. And those $30 shoes provided him an hour of entertainment at the doctor. When we got home, he realized that as he walked up the steps, they lit up. And again, those $30 shoes provided another hour of entertainment. The pure look of joy, and knowing that my 2 year old, who rarely gets anything new, is so excited about a pair of shoes, just warms my heart and makes me feel like, at least in HIS eyes, I AM mom of the year!

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