Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday

This guy...

has really kept me hopping lately. In the past 3 weeks, he has been in the ER twice, at sick call 3 times. He has had croup, bronchitis, pink eye, and now an ear infection (#5 since his tubes went in last April). To add to the fun, he's getting his 2 year molars AND going through terrible 2's. As I'm sure you can imagine, the fun just never ends! (insert sarcasm here).

During tantrums, he's been known to throw himself on the ground and purposely hit his head, just to get a reaction.
    He likes to put his feet on the table when he is done eating, again, for a reaction.
        He'll throw food to see what I say.
                 He tells me that he is going to hit "I mad, I going to hit", or that he is going to throw something. I find it very nice of him to alert me that the bad behavior is coming, though really, I'd just prefer it didn't happen at all. But I digress.

Yesterday was no different. He had been up crying for an hour the night before, and when I asked him what hurt, he said his ear. So, off to the doctor we went yesterday, and sure enough, it is a lovely ear infection.  As we are leaving the building, he wants to run. We start to run, he falls, and hits his head in the parking lot. (Again with not winning Mom of the Year award). We get in the car, he's crying, doesn't want to go to day care. I'm rationalizing with him at the stop light...and get rear-ended. Yep, all of these events happened within a 10 minute time frame.  Not sure if I should be thankful or not, but the car accident got him to stop crying. I told him someone had hit us, and for the next 10 hours, he kept saying Somebody hit US, in this adorable little voice.

So here's to life calming down with him over the next 3 weeks. We're hoping that he's just doing a big run of the illnesses now so that the winter can be a healthy one. Ha ha. Good one.

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