Monday, April 8, 2013

34 weeks

It's hard to believe we made it to 34 weeks, and even harder to believe the baby will be here in less than 4 days. We had our last ultrasound on Friday, and it was the best one I think we've ever had. It's amazing what you can see in ultrasound; I was able to see him stick his tongue out, make faces, and even open his eyes! It was incredible. Below are some pictures from the ultrasound.

Even harder to believe was that Chunky Monkey baby gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks. He was weighing in at 5 lbs 14 oz. So theoretically, by the time he comes, this premature little guy will be almost 7 lbs - less than a pound less than what his brothers and sister weighed. We won't know until he gets here, but hopefully this will help to put him in the best possible situation to fight and get out of the NICU.

We met with the last specialist last week, gynecological oncologist. Though this is not cancer, not even close, the oncologist are the most highly experienced surgeons within the hospital, having dealt with the most complex cases possible. The doctor we met with was extremely reassuring, and gave us a lot of really good information. He also shared that they had done an emergency case just that morning, with a woman whose water broke and she was bleeding and it was an emergency. Thankfully, we are not in that scenario, and hopefully will not be.

So barring any unforeseen circumstances, we will arrive at the hospital Friday morning. My surgery is scheduled to start at 9, and hopefully won't last more than a few hours. Mr. Jack should be in the NICU and evaluated by early afternoon, and hopefully WIll gets to get a quick peek right after he is born. We'll share pictures as soon as we are able to. Based on my poor response to anesthesia, I am certain I won't be up for visitors on Friday. Saturday is a possibility, but it depends on my pain level and how Friday went. Remember that no one can see the baby without Will or I, and no one can see him without a whooping cough shot. I'm hoping I get to see him on Saturday. Please pray that all goes well, and that Jack comes out and gets it all figured out quickly. If he doesn't, we're prepared for that too, but he's done everything his own way, so we're hoping that trend continues.

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