Monday, April 15, 2013

Jack, Day 4

Today started slightly better, though as of our last visit, was no better but no worse, than yesterday. When Will and I went to visit Jack this morning, his eyes were open and he was very calm, just looking around. His blood gasses through the night showed the need to change his SiPAP slightly, in essence 'giving' him a breath every so often while the oxygen was pumped into his lungs. In doing so, his oxygen levels were able to be lowered, and he calmed a bit.

 We spent quite a bit of time with him, as he looked around in wonder. It was amazing. However, when we visited later in the day, he was very agitated again, and his eyes were closed. I'm glad we were there when he was calm and alert. He slept fitfully today it seems, though during our last visit before dinner, he was calmer again, and his breathes were less rushed and less dramatic.

We're headed back up there within the hour; I'm hoping they will let me 'kangaroo' with him again tonight. I was able to do so last night for an hour and when I was holding him he was very calm, snuggled in, his heart rate was down, and his pulse ox was better. There are 3 numbers they look at on a constant basis - heart rate, pulse oxygen, and heart rate.  His heart rate settles and remains at a nice level when we are touching his skin or talking to him. His pulse ox, which is something we've monitored with Jake when he has his cough or pneumonia, needs to be above 85%. When we are touching his skin, or last night when he was with me, he remains about 98%, sometimes down to 95%, but always at a good level (When Jake is sick, the doctors become alarmed when he is below 93%, and we have our own pulse ox meter to keep an eye on it).

The heart rate, they want lower. I haven't figured out the 'magic' number yet, but I know that when I had him last night it was in the 90's and 80's, which is less than what he is when he is agitated - in the 130's sometimes. This means his body is working really hard, and that's not good.

Hopefully when we get up there tonight they will give us the OK to kangaroo. It will depend on how he's done in the past few hours. The nurses during the day kept telling is it depends on how he is later, but based on how he did earlier today the answer would be no. The doctor this morning wanted him to turn a corner today breathing-wise. At this point we're on a wait and see basis, but the timeline is ~72 hours after birth he should be able to regulate his breathing.

He is regulating his temp at this point, which is good. If he can keep that up, and get this breathing under control, then we have one challenge left - eating. For now, please continue to pray that he gets the breathing figured out, and we can get off of the SiPAP ASAP.

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