Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So many things change so quickly in the life of a preemie. Jack has had an adventure-filled 5 days of life. He struggled to breath the first few days, and ended up on a machine called a SiPAP (similar, if not the same, as a CPAP). This breathed helped to make breathing easier so his lungs didn't collapse. This wasn't working as well as they'd hoped, so the doctors change the machine to actually give him a breath every few seconds, and this is the change he needed to get his lungs moving. By Monday night they took him off extra breath, and yesterday morning Will and I were there when they took him off the SiPAP altogether. They did put him back on oxygen, but it's just the nasal cannula, and they'll be working to wean him from that in the coming days as well.

With the removal of the mask, I finally got to do some Kangaroo time with him. Yesterday morning Will and I both got to snuggle with him for over an hour, and it was glorious. Will had to come home for baseball with Jake, so I went back down to snuggle more with my sweet boy. When I got there the nurse said she heard a little grunt and went over and he was just laying there, wide awake, looking around. So I got to kangaroo with him for a bit. However, his body temp didn't agree with that so much, so we had to wrap him back up and put him back in the warmer when I was done. Hoping today is easier and his body temp doesn't drop.

He also got his first feed yesterday, and did really well! It was through a tube in his nose, but that's ok. He'll get to the bottle. They may try the bottle today, depending on how he did last night.

The biggest change is that I got sent home last night :( I was not happy about it, I was prepared to come home today. But the doctor felt I was ok to go, and it was nice to surprise my babies this morning before they left for school. So today we start our 'new' normal, temporarily, filled with getting kids ready in the morning (though my parents, who have been such a blessing, are still here to help get them out the door in the morning), and then heading to the hospital to spend time with the little man for a while. I can't wait to see his beautiful eyes and snuggle with him. I'll post pictures later, I'm too tired right now to try transfer them from my phone to my computer :)

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