Sunday, March 24, 2013

19 days and counting

It's so hard to believe that in 19 days we will be a family of 6! We had another doctor appointment on Friday, including a growth scan, non-stress test, and then a regular appointment. We've been doing weekly non-stress tests due to having some heart rate surprises during our appointment 3 weeks ago, when he dipped during a regular check. Since then he's been fine, but just in case we go in each Friday for an NST, fluid check, and appointment.

During Friday's growth scan we were shocked that he weighed in at 3 lbs 15 oz - a good surprise. At this rate, we expect him to be over 4.5 lbs when he arrives. The bigger, and the fiestier, the better! I also got my pertussis shot. Which leads me to the most important update - if you are not current on your pertussis shot (whooping cough), you will not be able to see the baby. Not at the hospital, and unfortunately not at our home. The risk to a baby is so high, and it's compounded immensely for a premature newborn with a family history of asthma. Unfortunately we cannot take this risk. If you have any sign of a cold at all, even just a stuffy head we ask that you wait to come see him until you have been symptom free for several days. Again, it's just not a chance we can afford to take.

We've gotten more info on how things will go during the delivery, and my surgery, what to expect for duration (4-6 hours, if not more), etc. I will probably be in the hospital for a week, though if all goes really well (please pray for this!), I could be home in 4-5 days. Jack will stay until he is able to eat, breath, and maintain his temperature on his own. We expect this to happen within 2 weeks after he is born, assuming he is cooperative. Cooperation hasn't exactly been his thing thus far :)

We will keep the blog updated as much as we can with updates, pictures, etc.. We appreciate everyone's assistance, offers for assistance, and prayers. There are still so many unknowns, which is scary, and incredibly hard for me as a planner. I think I've planned everything I can, and have prepared everything I can with one small exception; letters to the kids. I have to do this yet before the baby comes. Please pray for them, and for me, that the stress and fear of the unknown in the next 2.5 weeks doesn't become so overwhelming.

The kids are completely unaware of the complications for me. They are aware that Jack will be in the hospital for a few weeks, and that he'll be very tiny. As we get closer we may share some limited information with the boys, based on what they can understand. We may also not have them come visit until Sunday, until I am in better condition and not so 'scary'. Please don't mention any of the risks, or once you know how I am, any of the scary parts to them.

We have another appointment this Friday, for an NST and ultrasound and doctor visit. Then we meet with the gynecological oncologist, who will do the hysterectomy, on the 2nd, and one last appointment with our MFM doctor on Friday the 5th. I can't believe we're this close!

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