Friday, March 8, 2013

One turns into 3

Today we had another checkup for baby J. We were supposed to have 2 important appointments Tuesday, but thanks to Mother Nature, we had to reschedule. So today we ended up with a prenatal appointment and an appointment with interventional radiology. During our prenatal appointment, the baby's heartrate was lower than the doctors would have liked at one point, which resulted in a trip for an NST (non-stress test). They sent us down to meet with Interventional radiology, and then back upstairs we went.

The meeting with IR was informational. We learned that the day of the delivery, we'll first go to IR. They will put me into a twilight sedation, and insert two balloons into my groin blood vessels, so they can cut off blood flow to the uterus after the baby is delivered but before the hysterectomy. Then they will send me upstairs to surgery for the delivery. I will then be fully sedated, baby J will be delivered, and they will continue on with their business.

The NST went well. We got to have another ultrasound prior, to measure fluid. We'll now have weekly ultrasounds and NST. Mia was with us, as she wasn't feeling so hot today, and she got to see the baby. He was moving around again, and we got some great pictures and more video of him moving his arms and yawning and stretching. She thought it was pretty neat. The NST wasn't overly exciting, it went well and that's all we can ask for at this point. However, our one hour appointment turned into a three hour appointment, and the one appointment we were supposed to have today turned into 3 appointments.

Next Monday I have another appointment with yet another surgeon. Friday is our NST, which will be interesting as I will have all 3 kids with me since they all have dentist right before that. and from here on out it's weekly appointments.

Please pray that the other kids recover from everything (we had the stomach flu last week, to the point Joe was in the ER to get fluids. All finally recovered by Thursday of last week, and now Mia's got some other bug that is giving her a fever and a sore throat). We need everyone healthy so we can get ready for this baby to come in five short weeks!

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