Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday...and a brief rant

Jen over at Mud Pies for Momma has a great Things Kids Say Thursday weekly event, and I've been keeping track of the things my kids say (since they never stop talking).
Joey (3)
J: Hey Mommy, guess what I forgot to do!
Me: What?
J: Poop!
Me: Well get in there and go!
J: Hey Mommy!
Me: What?!
J: Wanna watch?

Jake (2)
Me: Jacob, what are you doing?
Jake: I eating the table (with his mouth on the table)
Jake: Aww, there are my guys! (when he saw me and my husband)

Now, for the rant. My husband and I both work full time. We go to the office Monday through Thursday, and our kids go to daycare, near my office, 20 minutes from the house. On Fridays, we both work from home. It's a great arrangement, but we need someone to come to our house on Fridays - it's silly to drive the kids 20 minutes, only to drive back home, and then go back 4 hours later and get them (I work half days on Fridays). So we decided to get a nanny to come to the house on Fridays. We picked one, she came 4 times, and then quit abruptly by email, no notice, just left one day, and then sent an email when she got home to say she quit. So we found another one. In hindsight, everything happens for a reason, and the new one, J, was awesome. She had a personality, the kids loved her, we really liked her. I gave her a raise after 2 weeks. She watched the kids from November through the end of the year. Then 2 weeks ago she didn't show up, no call, nothing. I called her, she said her grandpa had had a heart attack and she left for California immediatly but didn't have a number to contact me. I said ok, I understand, call me next week and let me know what is going on. No call. I called her again last Thursday, she said she was still there but hoping to be back this week. Then last night she emailed me and said she was staying out there indefinitely.

I'm compassionate for her situation; I feel bad, and if she is telling me the truth, I totally understand and don't want to be a jerk. What I'm upset about is that this is twice now we've been 'dumped' in less than 6 months! My kids are good kids, well behaved, we pay them good (I think) to watch the kids. I babysat even after I started working full time after college, watching kids on weekends. At 22 years old, I was responsible enough and mature enough to keep in contact with the families and let them know what was going on. I never quit, no matter how obnoxious the kids were (and my kids are not obnoxious). Yet in the course of 5 months, we've had 2 nannies, both in their 20's, quit unexpectedly. I'm just really frustrated, and once again, stuck and pissed.


  1. That is horrible!! Thanks for stoppng by my blog. Thanks for your support!! It is SO HARD!! She is so much fun and is such a little person right now, I hate leaving her!! Thursdays she is with my mom, so I always know that she is taken care of (even if some of the things my mom does drive me crazy, most issues are not a problem just weird mommy quirks that I have!!) Good luck finding someone!! Don;t worry, I am SU%E it is nothign you or your children are doing. Girls are just irresponsible and selfish? (hate to say that). They both probably felt so bad bc you are all so nice, they just didn't call, and ignored/avoided the situation, but very irresponsible!!

  2. Thanks for linking up today. I love the quote about watching him poop. That is what mine son would say too.

    Too bad about the babysitter, I don't know what I would do!