Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It certainly has NOT been me that has neglected my blog for several weeks for a number of reasons, which I will not complain express frustration about. Ok, maybe I will. This long list of reasons includes, but is certainly not limited to, sick children, the holidays, sick children, preschool class changes, arguments with my husband which lead to some minor depression and complete lack of enthusiasm about anything, sick children, and frustration about the weather (8 inches of snow in one day last week!). But, I’m back, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! (I’m sure you are utterly ecstatic about this!)

It’s also not me that had one child with tubes put on at the end of last year, and another one set for this week, which would give us…drum roll please…4 sets of tubes for 2 children in 3 years. It’s definitely not my house where 2 teething children reside, one of whom has started sleeping through the night (small celebration dance) and the other whom has decided he enjoys climbing both in and out of his crib. I’m not the mother who is so frustrated with Mr. Crib Climber and his behavior of late that I addressed it with my pediatrician today, for fear of waiting any longer and ending up on Super Nanny. (Any thoughts on dealing with a teething 2 year old who throws food across the room on a regular basis, hits, yells, and throws extremely unpleasant tantrums are welcome!). It wasn’t us who were sitting in the living room yesterday watching football, and nearly fell over in shock when my 2 year old came walking into the room and said I climb out of my crib mommy. It wasn’t me, at that point, who nearly burst into tears for fear of what is to come – big boy bed…no naps…up all night…in the game room playing with toys at 3 a.m….help!

On a brighter note, it’s not me that is so excited and proud of my 3 year old who, after just 5 days in his new preschool class, knows that Grover Cleveland was President of the US twice. How many of you knew that? Admit it, come on. I absolutely did not! It’s really sad that, with a 3 year old in preschool who will be in kindergarten in the fail, it’s already obvious to my husband and myself that he is smarter than us.

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  1. Raises hand...I will admit: I did not know Grover Cleveland was President twice! Loved reading your Not Me's :)