Thursday, January 28, 2010


On this frigid Thursday in the Frozen Flatland (I just heard someone say it's -10 with the windchill - ick!), some random musings...
...My 2 year old is such a drama king. The boy can go from smiling, giggling to "I sad", with his head down, in 3 seconds flat. When he gets to "I sad / mad / cross", he usually tries to march upstairs to his crib, climb in, and snuggle with his blanket and nuk. Has anyone gone through this? I just don't know what to do. In his state of drama the other night, I told him he had to eat his dinner, and he looked at me and said I no like you. Great. Thanks buddy. Guess what, it won't be the last time you feel that way, I'm sure.
....Not to be outdone, my almost-4 year old is going through this really emotional period, where he cries each time we drop him off at school or day care, both of which he LOVES. No idea what is going on. So we're going through the 'no crying incentive program'. If he has a good drop-off at either place he gets a sticker. When he gets 5 stickers at home, he gets to go to Walmart and pick out any new toothbrush he wants (this is because he used his the other night to brush each carpet-covered, doghair-disgusting step on the way up to brush his teeth, so his old one hit the trash and he doesn't like the new one). When he gets 5 stickers at daycare, he gets to go to his favorite icecream place. The program seems to be working!
....Did I ever tell you how much I love my Dirt Devil Broom Vac? With 3 little kids, and a dog who is afraid to walk on anything other than carpet, my floors are disgusting after every meal. Sigh. I love that broom, and the magic it works keeping those floors clean.
...My birthday is next week. I'm not really feeling any angst at being 31; I'm actually quite the opposite, and cannot wait to have another birthday! I love birthdays.
...The baby is finally sitting up on her own, and I couldn't be happier! I think this is a short-lived moment of pure calm bliss. This child can run, like nobody's business, in the walker, and she tries to get into EVERYTHING in the walker and when you are holding her. I suspect that once she starts crawling, well, chaos will truly ensue. The boys already get upset when she is trying to get into their stuff when they play in the kitchen on the floor. She pushes their toys around with her walker, partly to get a reaction I think. And since she can walk on the carpet, there is no safe place on the first floor. On more than one occasion I've had to tell them that if they don't want her in their toys they need to go play up in the playroom. Yes, I fear that peace and quiet is short-lived once this girl becomes mobile!
...I have an Etsy addiction. I ordered 4 year old birthday invites yesterday, and an I'm 4 t-shirt for his party and pictures, and then of course had to order (more) bows and barrettes, and an easter dress for the babe. Oh Etsy, I adore you.
...I am in need of a blog make-over. Any suggestions on someone / a site that is good to use? Inexpensive, please, but something that looks awesome.
...I love my job. I work at the same company I started at right after college, though I'm in my 3rd position here, but I truly love it, and the people I work with. We're in the midst of some changes, and I'm a little nervous, but excited about the changes. I am not a big fan of changes. I like things exactly the way they were. Is that odd?

I suppose I should do something productive today, huh? I'm sorry for the random ramblings.


  1. My 5-yr old son has been crying too whenever I drop him off at kindergarten. He doesn't do that with my husband, only me. It gets to the point where I start to get annoyed with him because it feels like manipulation in a way. If only kids came with manuals, right?

  2. I don't want to hear about you ordering bows off of Etsy when you have a friend who makes them cheaper!!