Monday, January 28, 2013

I thought this may be the easiest way to keep everyone informed of how things are going with the pregnancy, and once baby J arrives, how to keep everyone updated on his progress. First I want to say we appreciate everyone's support as we continue to learn about and prepare for the pregnancy with the accreta. We had another appointment today with our Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor through Evanston. She was very reassuring, and though they handle fewer of these cases per year than Northwestern (Northwestern sees one per month, Evanston sees several a year), the plans for treatment are similar and both doctors were good, so we have decided to deliver at Evanston. It's closer to home, so when J is in the NICU, it won't take quite as long to get down to see him or get home to the other kids.

She mentioned that if we had friends and family who want to donate blood, there will be an opportunity for that. We'll know closer to the delivery, and will let everyone who is interested know at that time. She mentioned that I will need blood, it's just a matter of how much. They will prepare as much as possible by having a gynecological oncologist (due to surgical expertise), urologist, interventional radiologist, and the NICU team onhand. J will be delivered between 34-35 weeks, depending on how he is doing, and how I am doing. During today's visit he looked great. He was moving all over, and had his hands (and feet) up by his face most of the time. He's measuring right on track, with no concerns for him at this point.

The doctor confirmed the prior doctor's plan for delivery, specialists, and planning for a hysterectomy, as this is the safest route for me. We now see the doctors every two weeks and will adjust plans and timelines accordingly after we see how J does and how I am doing. Until then, prayers are appreciated that things continue to go well, that I don't need bedrest, and that there are no complications.

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